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Re: duprkit User Repository

On 2019/04/08 12:37, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> I very much dislike the idea of inventing yet another format. Your energy would be much better used if you rather added support for external tarballs to the packaging tools (with hashes, etc.) and turn this into DEP.
> Debian is not Fedora/Arch/... and whacking the debian/ into a single file doesn’t feel like something that would help anything at all. Just require git (as AUR4 does).

Indeed. I can see why Mo would want to put it in one file, but the
Debian package format can work just fine if you work from git
repositories as you suggest, plus if it looks like a more or less usual
debian source package, then it's a smaller leap to turn it into a real
package that can graduate into making its way into Debian.


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