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Re: [Idea] Debian User Repository? (Not simply mimicing AUR)


D**ian may be pronounced as "Dasteriskian", i.e. "D-asterisk-ian"
(Still sounds ugly). I'm really bad at naming things, neither.

AUR is not targeted on new Archlinux users. Likewise, the D**bian
term is not expected to cause confusion to people who really
need to use these scripts/tools. That said, I want a better name

On Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 12:05:56PM +0200, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> Quoting Mo Zhou <lumin@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > As you wish, I added a disclaimer to the toolkit, and replaced every
> > single "Debian" keyword in the repo with "D**ian", except for those
> > in disclaimer.
> Pardon, but replacing letters with '*' looks like Debian were a
> swearword ("f*ck", "sh*t", ...) one likes to avoid. Also, it is
> not a good name, because nobody knows how to pronounce it nor
> which letters exactly were replaced. I'm bad at naming, sorry,
> but please find something else before people get used to it :-)