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Fwd: Thunderbird bugday April 8 and April 13

Hi there,

as I'm subscribed within the (private) Thunderbird Drivers mailing list
and the upstream people of Thunderbird asked a few linux distro people
to forward the email you see further down to other people of their linux
distro. So I will do. ;)

If someone has some spare free time (hehe, I know we are in the hard
freeze :-) ) here is another option to contribute to something useful.

Carsten Schoenert

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Distro folks.

Thunderbird bugdays are happening on Monday and Saturday, and we are
keen to have linux participants.

Can you help us by publicizing through your available channels, or if
not you personally then pass this to someone who can do the publicity?

Blog announcement at
https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/2019/04/all-bugs-fixed/ and short
verbiage below [1].


Wayne and Ryan


Thunderbird bugday is back!

In this "event", incomplete bug reports are triaged to get them to a
level of quality needed for a developer to act on it.  And you get to
choose which bug reports interest you.   Participants will get a
Thunderbird Game of Bugs t-shirt! See design and announcement at
https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/2019/04/all-bugs-fixed/ )

Monday April 8:  In EU and Americas time zones - morning, afternoon, and

Saturday April 11: EU zones all day (morning, afternoon, evening);
Americas zones morning and afternoon East coast,  West coast until 2pm

It is as easy as clicking a link in your browser.  Follow the
instructions for the bullet "mibbit web" at

Carsten Schoenert
Carsten Schoenert
Carsten Schoenert