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Re: is Wayland/Weston mature enough to be the default desktop choice in Buster?

On Sun, Apr 07, 2019 at 05:59:38PM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Neither GNOME nor Wayland work on any screen-attached machine I own.
> There's usually just a black screen, and/or a return to the login manager
> (assuming it does start at all -- which is not granted for gdm3).

And gdm3 uses which backend?

> My machines are:
> * an amd64 desktop:
>   * nouveau: way too crashy to be considered "working".  With my old
>     monitors (1280x1024 + 1200x1600) it crashed once a few hours, with
>     new setup (2560x1600 + 1200x1600) it crashes every a couple of hours
>     with regular work, or 7 times within an hour trying to watch a movie.

Within the last year only three bug reports showed up for the kernel in
Debian regarding nouveau.  Which one is it?  Als nouveau supports over
ten years of hardware.

> * Pine{64,book}:
>   simplefb.  GNOME no workie.

gnome-shell needs 3D stuff, as documented.  So unrelated to Wayland.

> * RockPro64, used as a desktop (I'm typing these words on it):
>   armsoc.  GNOME no workie.

Hows the 3D performance on this?

> * N900:
>   didn't try.  I don't suspect it could work, though.

N900, the 10 year old mobile phone?  Is GNOME in Debian configured to
use OpenGL ES, which is the only flavour this device talks?

> * qemu-kvm on work desktop:
>   [Host GPU is i915 (HD530)]: black screen in default buster's GNOME
>   (thus Wayland), Cinnamon at least gives a message.  Very likely something
>   with qemu's configuration -- but work time is not supposed to be spent
>   wrangling desktop environment problems, thus I did not investigate.

I had no problem starting gnome-shell with the qlx stuff, not that it
makes any sense to do that.

> On every single of the above setups XFCE works perfectly.

But have you tried GNOME on Xorg, which is the question of this thread?


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