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Re: [Idea] Debian User Repository? (Not simply mimicing AUR)

On 2019/04/07 15:26, Mo Zhou wrote:
> 3. Allows us to accept potential contributors friendly, and possibly
> form a new user community. The high quality standard of Debian may scare
> some potential contributors away. In the informal packaging area, it's
> easier for people to contribute. Look at AUR and Archlinux Trusted Users
> as example. Of course, we can promote high quality creations from users
> into debian archive.
> Just a few of my naive thoughts. If this idea came true, I'll
> denfinitely be able to continue with TensorFlow and PyTorch packaging,
> at an significantly lower cost. I'm also happy to throw some of my
> low-popcon packages to this area, so I can focus on more valuable ones.
> This idea really excites me. Can we implement it?

+1, it's a good idea and I've thought of it before as well.

Reading some of the initial replies to your post, it seems like people
don't entirely understand what you mean by an AUR-like service. This
would definitely be different than PPAs (in the launchpad sense) or
bikesheds (which is still a terrible name for all the confusion it causes).

Have you put any thought in possible implementation yet? I don't think
it's a good idea to devise any kind of new source packages. It's
probably not even necessary to use existing source packages. If you'd
have the standard debian packaging for such an AUR^W... DUR? in a git
repository (maybe like salsa.debian.org/dur/*) with a standardised git
workflow for these, then it should be rather trivial to implement with a
helper script that fetches the upstream source and just builds that
package locally. So I think from a technical point of view, implementing
something like AUR for Debian doesn't seem so hard. It can also act as a
nice gateway to proper Debian development.


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