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Re: first epoch for acme-tiny

Let me also CC Sebastien Badia, I just CC'ed the first two people that I found out and are active on the LetsEncrypt team.

On Sat, 6 Apr 2019 at 14:11, Samuel Henrique <samueloph@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello d-devel, and Harlan,

I'm currently working on a fix for an RC bug on acme-tiny that requires the packaging of the latest upstream release:
acme-tiny: Please update to ACMEv2 API #924393 [0]

In order for that to happen I need to introduce an epoch as we were using calver and now we have semver, I'm assuming this is a non-controversial epoch but I need to send this email on d-devel anyway.

Previous version:         20171115-2
Current/Proposed Version: 1:4.0.4-1

I'm CCíng Harlan, a member of the LetsEncrypt Debian Team, as I will need ack from the team to proceed with the upload (I requested access on salsa already, can you accept me?) and I couldn't find a mailing list for the team.

And to be clear I do understand that I will have to ask for an unblock for this new upstream release.

The packaging is currently on my fork[1], and it will be there until I'm added on the team, then I will push all of the changes there[2].

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>