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Re: Firefox Needs a Backport


According to https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/ ,
current version of Firefox ESR in Debian archive is the most up-to-date one
(60.6.1). The next major version of Firefox ESR, Firefox 68 ESR, has not been
released yet and will only be available after July 9 2019. I'm sure Debian
will upgrade its Firefox ESR onto Firefox 68 ESR after it is officially
released by upstream.

Boyuan Yang

在 2019-04-04四的 10:33 -0700,Bug Report写道:
> There is a need to get a more updated firefox--esr in Debian Stretch 
> Stable Backports.  The latest Firefox is 66, but stable is still only up 
> to 60, and I am getting error messages from various websites advising 
> that the browser I have is not compatible with the website's content.  
> Although Firefox is now part of the Debian repository there is still a 
> need for backports in order to get a more current version of Firefox.

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