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Re: Removal of 'Valid-Until' tag in archived jessie-backports

On 15360 March 1977, Thomas Walker wrote:

Hi, I've noticed that previous release's backports have the
'Valid-Until' tag removed when they are moved to archive.debian.org
but that seems to have not happened with 'jessie-backports' (which has
a 'Valid-Until' that is well past expiration). I fully understand that
backports are not considered part of the lts support, but leaving them
marked as forever expired seems a break from past practice. Could the
'Valid-Until' field please be removed from the archived

No they don't. At archive time stuff only gets copied over to the
archive, nothing gets changed.

And no, I won't remove those lines. Their whole reason is to break apt
when they expire, it would be wrong to unbreak it. Users who still want
to use it can override it in apt config.

bye, Joerg