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How to deal with meaningless SOVERSION bumps from upstream?

Hello guys,

I'm talking about the src:double-conversion package (popcon >= 70k),
and a choice for the post-Buster stage.

The upstream doesn't follow semantic versioning convention at all.
Recently they have changed the SOVERSION to 3:
But that doesn't imply any ABI or API change.
IIRC their last major version bump was merely due to directory layout

Should I bump the SOVERSION and trigger a transition after the Buster
release? (I think it's pointless, as it triggers pointless rebuild for
many packages including Qt) Or ignore the upstream SOVERSION bump and
track the changes by myself?

Reviewing every line of upstream code change is relatively easy for
src:double-conversion. I guess the later solution is the correct choice
in my case?

[1] https://github.com/google/double-conversion
[2] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/double-conversion