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Re: Reg: Debian 9.8 version support to IntelNUC7i5BNH

On 15/03/2019 13:28, Srinivas Rao wrote:

Hi Debian Devel team,

Currently, I working on IntelNUC7i5BNH.  I would like to use Debian 9.8 version in IntelNUC7i5BNH. can I use Debian 9.8 version and is it support to IntelNUC7i5BNH?

I have seen in the below link  Debian 9.2.1 (stretch) version used in IntelNUC7i5BNH.


please let me know , if anymore difference is there.

If 9.2 works, 9.8 will probably work. The only difficulties you may have are with devices needing firmware : usually WiFi and (sometimes) specific video drivers.

This sort of request would be better on debian-user, perhaps.

Andy Cater - amacater@xxxxxxxxxx