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Re: gbp-buildpackage showing change outside debian/, possibly after DEP-14 conversion

On Tue, 2019-03-12 at 08:10 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > I have no idea where the line terminators difference in one single
> > branch in one single file that is never used in Debian builds comes
> > from. I don't think it's the pristine-tar data, when I remove the
> > generated orig.tar.xz and have it regenerated with --git-no-pristine-tar
> > it has a different md5sum (so pristine tar is apparently not used), but
> > the file in the archive still has a different linefeed than the one in
> > the git archive.
> There are various settings in git-config (either ~/.gitconfig,
> .git/config) which can cause line endings to be modified in the working
> tree, `core.{eol,safecrlf,autocrlf}` are the main ones I see in git-
> config(1). You might have one of those in an unexpected location?
> I think that .gitattributes has similar controls, which might explain
> it affecting only a single file.

Of course, I forgot I can check this myself...

Your bind9 repo has:

   bind9$ cat .gitattributes 
   *.sln.in eol=crlf
   *.vcxproj.in eol=crlf
   *.vcxproj.filters.in eol=crlf
   *.dsw eol=crlf
   win32utils/**.txt eol=crlf

I suppose contrib/dlz/example/win32/dxdriver.dsw is the only file which
doesn't already have crlf in the version stored in the repo, so it is
the only one actually rewritten in the working copy...