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Re: Support status for isolation-machine feature from Debian Infra?

Hi Mo,

On 08-03-2019 12:08, Mo Zhou wrote:
> I have two questions given the background:
> (1) What is the support status for "isolation-machine" feature?

It's on the todo list, it just that we haven't gotten around to actually
do it. Unfortunately it is slightly more complicated that running lxc
tests in the AWS setup.

> (2) Is it a good idea to write a test script, that manually sets up
>     a qemu VM then tests the module[1]? (Such that we can get rid of the
>     isolation-machine restriction, and make Debian CI test the ZFS
>     kernel module)
>     Or any better idea?

I don't think this is a great idea. We invented the isolation-machine
for a reason. Tests shouldn't be implementing this themselves (and thus
duplicating effort). If anything, debci should be enhanced to use this
mechanism to provide isolation-machine facilities on lxc, but I am
illiterate on qemu, so I have no idea how feasible that is. It also
sounds like the wrong solution to the problem.


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