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Bug#924037: Please add anacron back to task-desktop and task-laptop

Package: task-desktop
Version: 3.49

The rationale for this change is IMO not correct.

Michael Biebl <biebl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| all important cron jobs have a corresponding .timer unit

This is not a sufficient condition.  Firstly, it is necessary for all
cron jobs, not just ones considered `important', to have a
corresponding timer unit, for this change to be correct.

Secondly, this change simply breaks systems without systemd.  If
(which I deny) it is a good idea to change this for systemd systems,
measures should be taken to arrange that non-systemd systems still get
anacron.  For example, a dependency on   systemd-sysv | anacron

(Thirdly, and tangentially, for reasons explored further in the
debian-devel thread, systemd timer units are not a suitable
replacement for many applications.)

Also I think that when changes are being made which might break
non-systemd systems, the Debian Ecosystem Init Diversity team
should be consulted so that the appropriate fixes can be developed.

Finally, this change is rather late wrt the freeze.


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