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Support status for isolation-machine feature from Debian Infra?

Hi folks,

As we know the Debian CI Infrastructure, which runs autopkgtest upon
relevant package updates to help us improve distribution quality.
However, it still doesn't support the isolation-machine feature, which
associates to tests that require interaction with the kernel, such as
kernel module tests.

zfs-linux has one of such tests. The test loads the zfs kernel module
and trys to do smoke tests such as creating zpools:

For quite a long time debian CI keeps skipping this test, e.g.

| kernel-smoke-test    SKIP Test requires machine-level isolation but testbed does not provide that
| dkms-zfs-test        PASS

I have two questions given the background:

(1) What is the support status for "isolation-machine" feature?

(2) Is it a good idea to write a test script, that manually sets up
    a qemu VM then tests the module[1]? (Such that we can get rid of the
    isolation-machine restriction, and make Debian CI test the ZFS
    kernel module)

    Or any better idea?

[1] thanks to @zhsj for a hint: This can be implemented by setting
    up a qemu VM with exported ssh port.