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Tell me about your salsa experience


I was invited to be a speaker at the drupal con to talk about the 
evolution of tooling in open source projects [1]. I will take part
in a panel together with other open source projects like Gnome
or Drupal, we talk about about the past - the tool we used, its history
and so on. Then we want to talk about the evolution of our tools, the
challenges and how the way we work changed together with the tool we

Thats where you come in, please tell me how tools like salsa, alioth, 
git, tracker and so on changed to way you work. I want to know everything,
the good, the bad and so on. 

Thanks in advance


P.S. I will be in Seattle from 6th april to 11th april, in Portland just for
the evening of the 11th. Next is nearby yosemite from 12th to 15th and at
least San Francisco from 15th to 22nd. If you want to meet for a beer, please
get in touch with me. I am also willing to give a talk about Debian and/or 
Salsa in Seattle or S.F.. 

[1] https://events.drupal.org/seattle2019/sessions/gathering-open-source-projects-discuss-evolving-their-tools

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