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Bug#923664: ITP: circuit-macros -- Macros for drawing electric circuits

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Aniol Marti <amarti@xxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : circuit-macros
  Version         : 8.9.3
  Upstream Author : J. D. Aplevich
* URL             : https://ece.uwaterloo.ca/~aplevich/Circuit_macros/
* License         : LPPL
  Programming Lang: M4
  Description     : Macros for drawing electric circuits

Circuit Macros is a set of macros designed by
Dwight Aplevich for drawing high quality
electric circuit to include in TeX, LaTeX,
web or other similar documents.

Packaging the Circuit Macros allows an easier distribution
and implementation in other packages that use them, for example
PyCirkuit or dpic.

The package does not contain any binary files, just the M4 macros,
the documentation and some examples of use.

It is ready to upload.