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Re: FYI/RFC: early-rng-init-tools

]] Thorsten Glaser 

> … this was not true for me. Not before init takes over, anyway (as
> haveged does not have any initramfs integration), but we’re talking
> about “crng init done” here, not “fast init done”. In my scenario,
> haveged was started much too late in the boot to be useful (after
> tomcat, even). But then, I use a non-parallel sysvinit startup. It’s
> fragile anyway; if you install more daemons, for example, it might
> also block before reaching the stage where haveged starts on your
> parallel systemd setup suddenly.

It starts much earlier in a systemd setup; in sysvinit it's in rc2.d,
whereas with systemd it just waits for apparmor.service,
system-random-seed.service and systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service, so the
risk of it being blocked is much smaller.

Tollef Fog Heen
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