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Re: Bug#923300: ITP: golang-github-openshift-imagebuilder -- Builds Dockerfile using the Docker client

On Thu, 28 Feb 2019 at 17:53:37 -0500, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Upstream doesn't appear to be willing to upgrade to a new version (quote from
> the bug above "[...] I really don't want to [...]". Looking at how this package
> is using the vendored library, it seems openshift/imagebuilder is using a
> rather specific subset of the docker code, some of which possibly shouldn't
> have been exposed in the first place. Therefore, I'm inclined to follow
> upstream and vendor this library.

I agree that this sounds like a de facto fork of the vendored library,
more than a convenience code copy.

> I wonder whether it wouldn't be actually be more
> appropriate to create a tarbal with the vendored library and ship it in the
> debian/ subdirectory.

You could consider using a multiple-.orig-tarball package in 3.0
(quilt) format? See for example yquake2 (a relatively simple
example which bundles together https://github.com/yquake2/yquake2 and
https://github.com/yquake2/ctf) or llvm-toolchain-7 (a more elaborate
example with multiple subprojects).