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Re: Salsa CI news

On February 26, 2019 5:32:57 PM UTC, Inaki Malerba <inaki@malerba.space> wrote:
>Hi Domenico!
>On 26/2/19 14:17, Domenico Andreoli wrote:
>>> We also introduced a way to monitor the pipeline's usage.
>>> prittiau.debian.net is a simple influxdb + grafana which shows some
>>> stats about the projects using the Salsa CI pipeline. You're welcome
>>> log in with your salsa account.
>> I'm loggiagn in right now, Salsa asks for the following
>>   An application called Gitlab is requesting access to your GitLab
>>   account. This application was created by Iñaki Malerba. Please note
>>   that this application is not provided by GitLab and you should
>>   its authenticity before allowing access.
>> I find slightly confusing that "An application called Gitlab is
>> requesting access to your GitLab account". Maybe you could choose a
>> different name?
>That's because Grafana uses Gitlab Oauth2 authentication[0]. I only
>created a Oauth application at Salsa and everything else is on Grafana.

If I got it right, according to Gitlab docs [0], it's possible to set an arbitrary name for the App you want to configure.

>> Thanks for all the good work! :)
>My pleasure!


[0] https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/integration/oauth_provider.html