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Re: Bug#923221: ITP: libpam-fingerprint -- Pluggable Authentication Module for fingerprint authentication

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 7:14 PM Philipp Meisberger wrote:

> Poorly libpam-fprintd is not suitable as libfprint0 seems to support
> ZhianTec fingerprint sensors. libpam-fingerprint is especially for those
> sensors. I see it would be more precise to use "Pluggable Authentication
> Module for ZhianTec fingerprint sensors" as description and name the
> package "libpam-fingerprint-zfm".

Is it feasible to merge the two projects upstream? It seems like
having two different fingerprint sensor stacks and have the user
manually decide which one they want and then install it is a bit of a
suboptimal experience. It would be nicer if there were one stack that
supported all the fingerprint sensors available on the market.