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Salsa CI news

Hi everyone !

On behalf of the Salsa CI Team I'm pleased to announce some of the
changes we've been working on this weekend. We don't have an official
mailing list, so please excuse us if this is not the place for this kind
of announcements.

Making the most of the fact that some of us are on the same city this
week, we spent the weekend on a small sprint.

First of all, this is a small changelog of the things we did and will be
working on the following days:

    * Add ccache to the builds. (Thanks @otto and @xcancerberox-guest). 
Now the builds use gitlab's cache option to store ccache data.

    * Add dpkg build job. Today the only builder available is
git-buildpackage. We'd like to have this finished in the following days.

    * Remove 'build-{release}' jobs. Now the build job is just 'build'
and the pipeline should define the RELEASE variable if you want to build
on a release other than unstable. This also impacts on autopkgtest and
lintian. Please keep your project up to date.

    * Buildlog scanner job was included on the tests stage (Thanks

    * Improvements to allow building with dependencies from experimental
(Thanks @sathieu)

    * Many other improvements.

Thanks to all who contributed with the project!

Following this changes, we simplified the way of including the salsa
pipeline. Please read the README[0] to check this. Some automatic MRs
were generated to the projects that were using the pipeline exactly as
the template, and issues will be opened to those which weren't

We also introduced a way to monitor the pipeline's usage.
prittiau.debian.net is a simple influxdb + grafana which shows some
stats about the projects using the Salsa CI pipeline. You're welcome to
log in with your salsa account.

If you have any question, you can find us on #salsaci at OFTC.

Have a nice week!

[0] https://salsa.debian.org/salsa-ci-team/pipeline/blob/master/README.md

- ina

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