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Infinite Tux Infinite Mario with all of the proprietary assets replaced by open and free assets




I would like to include this java based game in the debian repositories 
because I think it's fun and it's completely open source.

The game was originally written and released by Markus Persson(Notch) 
of Mojang as "Infinite Mario Bros" using Nintendo assets. Notch 
released  the source code as public domain with a note stating that 
someone should replace the assets with open assets.

All of the Nintendo assets were replaced with CC and GPL assets and 
thus Infinite Tux was born. The game is completely open source now. 

I have cleaned it up as best I know how and I've made a script that 
creates a deb package. That said, I barely understand what I did so 
any guidance with packaging is appreciated.

It should all be documented in README.md on github.