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Re: Use of FATE (FFmpeg Automated Testing Envionment) data?

W. Martin Borgert wrote:

> > Naturally, downloading them during the build would not be
> > acceptable, but I wonder what the consensus would be on the ethics
> > of downloading "contrib"-like data during autopkgtests?
> It's also a practical matter: Can I run autopkgtests, when my
> computer is disconnected from the internet? Can I run them, if
> their server is down? Will they always serve exactly the same
> files or will I have to deal with random test results?

Indeed, this would definitely be a vastly inferior fallback option.

As someone who has encountered these issues countless times via the
Reproducible Builds effort, I might have assumed these highly-salient
practical concerns as a given and focused on the free software

(However, on the practical side, I believe the "flaky" Restriction
could, potentially, be suitable.)
> Maybe we don't need a huge amount of test data, i.e. not the
> full set that is used by upstream. A small subset might be
> sufficient for at least some packages. In my case, it's only
> 3.3 MiB.

Noted, but it is not the size that is the concern, but rather the


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