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Re: Use of FATE (FFmpeg Automated Testing Envionment) data?

On 2019-02-19 22:55, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Dumb question: have you tried consulting upstream?

Not yet. If this question has been clarified inside Debian
before, I'm reluctant pestering upstream again. I know, that
some upstreams get shirty about our insistence on such matters.
But if not, I'll contact upstream of course.

> (Naturally, downloading them during the build would not be
> acceptable, but I wonder what the consensus would be on the ethics
> of downloading "contrib"-like data during autopkgtests?)

It's also a practical matter: Can I run autopkgtests, when my
computer is disconnected from the internet? Can I run them, if
their server is down? Will they always serve exactly the same
files or will I have to deal with random test results?

Maybe we don't need a huge amount of test data, i.e. not the
full set that is used by upstream. A small subset might be
sufficient for at least some packages. In my case, it's only
3.3 MiB. And it is only in the source package anyway.