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Re: toulbar2: What will happen if testing migration takes longer than removal from testing

Hi Thomas,
Dear Andreas,

Thanks for taking care of toulbar2. I did spend some time to try to go
around this #920459 bug but even a postprocessing of the LaTeX output of
doxygen (removing inclusion of the xcolor package that generates the
LaTeX compilation issue) did not work (another bug popped up, that was
apparently already met by other people using doxygen using the same
TexLive update but I found no workaround).
I think doxygen is severly broken and just skipping refman.pdf (finally
users can read other format) the only safe solution to keep the package
in.  I added several FIXMEs to get it back for Buster+1.
My current (partial) understanding is that TexLive/LaTeX is broken (not doxygen): TeXlive provides the tabu LaTeX package (https://ctan.org/pkg/tabu) that doxygen uses but this tabu package does not work anymore in TeXlive (not only for doxygen, but for all tabu users). See #920621/#921272 saying that "upstream is working on it". Probably this will not be fast as the README.md of tabu on CTAN says:
The original author of tabu appears out of contact, and tabu had not been updated for several years, finally becoming unusable in 2019 as updates to other packages mean some of its patched code did not work as intended.

The package is not being actively maintained however any major required fixes may be reported to the https://github.com/tabu-fixed/tabu repository and volunteers there (currently members of the LATEX3 Team) will attempt to update the package with any fixes required.

Getting rid of the PDF output as you suggest for eg. HTML is probably best.