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Re: Use of the Build-Conflicts field

]] Andrey Rahmatullin 

> If "support" means "allow in the archive" then I think for we support only
> If "support" means "guarantee that a package will be able to build" then I
> If "support" means "guarantee that a package will be able to build and

I don't think guarantees are particularly interesting here; we generally
don't guarantee anything.

I think maybe «support» means «are we going to summarily close your bug
that you're doing something we don't think is reasonable to
do?». Basically something not entirely unlike your option number three,
but without the guarantee part.  That's an essential point of the
reproducible builds effort: if you build the same sources, you should
end up with the same binary.  A question is how far does that goal

Tollef Fog Heen
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