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Re: Use of the Build-Conflicts field

On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 12:00 PM Sean Whitton wrote:

> Use of the Build-Conflicts field is currently mostly optional, but Ian
> Jackson and I have been working on text for Debian Policy that would
> require its use in certain cases.  See #824495 for the discussion.

Personally, the main RC use-case I can think of for such a field is
where the recursive chain of Build-Depends reaches at some point a set
of alternative dependencies and one of them causes an FTBFS or other
breakage in the package and so you want to make apt choose the other

Any other use-cases imply a non-minimal chroot, which isn't our
standard build environment so I don't think they should be RC.

Other folks have already mentioned the use-case of avoiding optional
dependencies being installed affecting the reproducibility of the
build artefacts.

Obviously it is a good idea to declare all of the conflicts (optional
deps, FTBFS) to avoid frustration during development though.

I think QA efforts like the buildd-from-hell idea could help
automatically find such issues, if that ever happens.