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Re: Bug#922353: ITP: socket-activate -- Run a socket-activated daemon with minimal dependencies


On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 17:36:31 -0500, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> * Package name    : socket-activate
>   Version         : 0.1
>   Upstream Author : Daniel Kahn Gillmor
> * URL             : https://gitlab.com/dkg/socket-activate
> * License         : GPL
>   Programming Lang: Python
>   Description     : Run a socket-activated daemon with minimal dependencies

> socket-activate makes it possible to use socket-activated services on
> Unix-based systems that don't have systemd installed at all.
> It implements the environment variable and file descriptor convention
> described in sd_listen_fds(3) without using any external code or
> dependencies from systemd.  The only thing it depends on is python3
> itself.
> See https://bugs.debian.org/922082 for more discussion of the
> motivation for this project.  Future versions might be in C, so that
> even python isn't required, but the initial python implementation is
> intended to validate the interface.

Another option would be to implement this in start-stop-daemon, like
the similar support for the systemd readiness protocol was recently
implemented there too.