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Re: Removal of linux-base from jessie-backports broke Xen upstream CI

>>>>> "Rhonda" == Rhonda D'Vine <rhonda@xxxxxx> writes:

    >> installer image to have the jessie-backports kernel and modules,
    >> but that is not relevant to this tale.)

    Rhonda>  I don't really follow - you now can get rid of that special
    Rhonda> casing (which had to be added specifically) and reduce
    Rhonda> complexity.  I actually see this even as a win situation for
    Rhonda> your setup.

It's not always a win when I have to make  changes to my software on
your schedule even if the changes make things better in the long run.
Much of the appeal to a large class of people of stable distributions is
that they expect not to have to make changes to their software on other
people's schedules.

I agree with Ian that it's generally bad when we force people using
stable to change their stuff that was working, even when those changes
make things better.

There are tradeoffs to balance.
You've given some good arguments why you balance the tradeoffs
differently than Ian.

However, I do hope that you'll be able to think about things from his
standpoint and understand why it is frustrating when things based on
something stable used to work and now do not.
It doesn't mean you're wrong or he's right.

If I haven't been sufficiently clear and you're interested in working to
gain that understanding I'm happy to spend more time.