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Re: Bug#922155: [Pkg-matrix-maintainers] ITP: matrix-archive-keyring -- OpenPGP archive key for the Matrix.org package repository

Quoting Linda Lapinlampi (2019-02-13 16:41:06)
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 09:40:30PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2019-02-12 19:38:57)
> > > I believe this package belongs in contrib, as its only use-case is 
> > > with together with software outside of Debian main.
> > 
> > ...and now posting to the actual bugreport as well.
> I'm not opposed to having this matrix-archive-keyring package in the 
> contrib area, although for comparison I should note 
> leap-archive-keyring has no rdepends, the keyring package is available 
> from Debian's main archive area and is valid for verifying package 
> signatures from leap.se. An example of a package from deb.leap.se is 
> bitmask-core (which is not available in Debian), and it's not in the 
> contrib area in the leap.se repository.
> Maybe this is an error/bug in the leap-archive-keyring package, but it 
> does seem confusing. The other *-archive-keyring packages in Debian 
> main seem to be at least vaguely related to the Debian Project or its 
> teams, although they are all (with the exception of 
> debian-archive-keyring) meant to be used with third-party data sources 
> (usually with APT).

Thanks for comparing with similar packages: That indicates you go that 
extra mile in striving towards perfection in your packaging - Cool!

Please file bugreports for such other packages that you notice - should 
be fine filing such bugs with high severity, since it is a violation of 
a "must" in Debian Policy § 2.2.1.

> As of yesterday, there is also this high-priority debconf(1) question 
> template in the matrix-archive-keyring package:
> Template: matrix-archive-keyring/sources.list
> Type: boolean
> Default: false
> _Description: Use APT data sources from Matrix.org?
>  The Matrix.org Debian package repository distributes supplemental Matrix.org
>  related packages intended to work with the Debian distribution, but require
>  software software outside of the distribution to either build or function.
>  These packages are digitally signed with keys from matrix-archive-keyring.
>  .
>  The Debian Project will be unable to directly support issues faced from using
>  supplemental packages from this third-party repository. Packages from these
>  APT sources may be non-conforming to the technical requirements set in the
>  Debian Policy for the Debian distribution.


> (Sorry if I fell under the assumption the package will be usable on 
> Debian only, and not derivative distributions with different names.)
> Choosing "yes" here would obviously enable the contrib bits from the 
> default of "false". And as I said, packages from Matrix.org are 
> already in the contrib area (Section: contrib/*).
> If this debconf(1) question makes it a hard-requirement of contrib 
> archive area, I could split the main parts (keyring) and the 
> debconf(1) question (sources.list) to seperate packages in main and 
> contrib sections respectively if that is more desirable.
> I have currently set the package's "Section:" to "contrib/misc", in 
> any case.
> What do you think?

The addition of a debconf question - with default being false - seems an 
excellent improvement over the package silently activating the keys (if 
that was the previous behaviour - I am only guessing here).

I find the keys themselves to be the reason for the package belonging in 
contrib, however - regardless of adding that nice debconf message.

Thanks a lot for your contribution to Debian!

 - Jonas

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