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Re: Bug#922155: [Pkg-matrix-maintainers] ITP: matrix-archive-keyring -- OpenPGP archive key for the Matrix.org package repository

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 09:40:30PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2019-02-12 19:38:57)
> > I believe this package belongs in contrib, as its only use-case is with 
> > together with software outside of Debian main.
> ...and now posting to the actual bugreport as well.

I'm not opposed to having this matrix-archive-keyring package in the
contrib area, although for comparison I should note leap-archive-keyring
has no rdepends, the keyring package is available from Debian's main
archive area and is valid for verifying package signatures from leap.se.
An example of a package from deb.leap.se is bitmask-core (which is not
available in Debian), and it's not in the contrib area in the leap.se

Maybe this is an error/bug in the leap-archive-keyring package, but it
does seem confusing. The other *-archive-keyring packages in Debian main
seem to be at least vaguely related to the Debian Project or its teams,
although they are all (with the exception of debian-archive-keyring)
meant to be used with third-party data sources (usually with APT).

As of yesterday, there is also this high-priority debconf(1) question
template in the matrix-archive-keyring package:

Template: matrix-archive-keyring/sources.list
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Use APT data sources from Matrix.org?
 The Matrix.org Debian package repository distributes supplemental Matrix.org
 related packages intended to work with the Debian distribution, but require
 software software outside of the distribution to either build or function.
 These packages are digitally signed with keys from matrix-archive-keyring.
 The Debian Project will be unable to directly support issues faced from using
 supplemental packages from this third-party repository. Packages from these
 APT sources may be non-conforming to the technical requirements set in the
 Debian Policy for the Debian distribution.

(Sorry if I fell under the assumption the package will be usable on
Debian only, and not derivative distributions with different names.)

Choosing "yes" here would obviously enable the contrib bits from the
default of "false". And as I said, packages from Matrix.org are already
in the contrib area (Section: contrib/*).

If this debconf(1) question makes it a hard-requirement of contrib
archive area, I could split the main parts (keyring) and the debconf(1)
question (sources.list) to seperate packages in main and contrib
sections respectively if that is more desirable.

I have currently set the package's "Section:" to "contrib/misc", in any

What do you think?