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Re: Removal of linux-base from jessie-backports broke Xen upstream CI

On Wed, 13 Feb 2019, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Introduction
> ------------
> I would like to recount a situation.  I'm not sure where, if anywhere,
> the root bug(s) lie, but I am inclined to say that a big part of the
> problem was a change to the contents of jessie-backports.  I would be
> interested to hear what the backports team and ftpmaster have to say;
> in particular, if anyone knows the answers to my questions below.
> My tentative conclusions are that:
> 1. Packages should not be removed from foo-backports just because a
> similar package is in foo-security, because there are situations where
> a host may have been relying on the package being in foo-backports and
> a similar (even, newer) package being in foo-security is not
> sufficient.
> 2. Cruft removal in stable releases, including in -backports, should
> perhaps be done with care/caution/announcement or something.
Jessie backports doesn't exist anymore. For some time now. It is already on
its way to archive.d.o. 

And I don't think we should inform everybody for a simple maintenance task
like crufting.