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Re: Namespace for system users

 ❦  9 février 2019 13:10 +01, Philipp Kern <pkern@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Some core packages recently adding system users resorted to names like
> systemd-$daemon and _apt, which both address my concerns - as you can
> come up with simple rules like "no user might include [-_] in their
> username". On the other hand I know that Debian-* was painful and
> annoying for exim, but I suspect mostly because of the length of the
> username and tools dealing poorly with >8 character usernames. I think
> FreeBSD (among others?) picked the underscore at the front of the
> username. Intuitively that feels like a somewhat clean proposal that
> is also friendly to derivatives.
> How do others deal with this problem? Could someone think of a viable
> approach on how to approach this from a policy side?

This is a recurring topic. See:
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