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Re: Status of PHP support in stretch

Hi Ondřej,

thanks for chiming in.

Ondřej Surý:
> I still don’t understand why everybody suddenly thinks PHP is special
> in any way.  The packages will be treated same as any other Debian
> package - the important security fixes will be backported.

I am not sure who you are addressing (I may have missed relevant
discussion about this question), but from my (not particularly well
informed) point of view, PHP is a big piece of software which plays a
critical role on many systems. Additionally, it is generally perceived
to be prone to security issues.

Debian has already dropped support for packages in stable in the past
when nobody felt able to support them. Kudos and many thanks to you if
you are able and willing to do so. I just do not think this can be taken
as a given under all circumstances. Hence my question.

Of course, the question remains what is going to happen with security
issues in 7.0 for which there is no backportable upstream fix.

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