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Re: package management symlink

Sören Reinecke writes:

> Dear Debian mailing list community,
> I am Sören alias Valor Naram and I founded the project "goeasyLinux". I will help to make linux more user friendly.
> A short introduction to "goeasyLinux" can be found at https://github.com/ValorNaram/goeasylinux/blob/master/README.md
> The specification I wrote in order to make a cross platform symlink to package management systems: https://github.com/ValorNaram/goeasylinux/blob/master/package%20management/package%20install.md

I appreciate your efforts and idea of having a common package management
system across all/most linux distributions. I took a look at your git
repository above. And I realized there are already a few package
managers which work similar to your idea.

Take a look at `pkcon`  provided by `packagekit-tools` in Debian.
It is also present in various other linux distributions, I have used it
on a few other distributions including Fedora, Gentoo and even on my
phone's Sailfish OS.

since pkcon does already what you are trying to achieve here, and is
also very matured in terms of functionality that it provides. You seem
to be just re-inventing the wheel. 

> With your help I want to make package installing/removing equal on all linux systems without disturbing the diversity we have across linux distributions. In order to do that we need just a symlink, no replacement of existing software.
> Best wishes
> Sören alias Valor Naram