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Re: package management symlink

Sören please see:



On 05/02/2019 06:20, Sören Reinecke wrote:
Dear Debian mailing list community,

I am Sören alias Valor Naram and I founded the project "goeasyLinux". I will help to make linux more user friendly.

A short introduction to "goeasyLinux" can be found at https://github.com/ValorNaram/goeasylinux/blob/master/README.md

The specification I wrote in order to make a cross platform symlink to package management systems: https://github.com/ValorNaram/goeasylinux/blob/master/package%20management/package%20install.md

With your help I want to make package installing/removing equal on all linux systems without disturbing the diversity we have across linux distributions. In order to do that we need just a symlink, no replacement of existing software.

Best wishes

Sören alias Valor Naram

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