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Re: package management symlink

Am Di., 5. Feb. 2019 um 12:03 Uhr schrieb Ansgar <ansgar@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Sören Reinecke writes:
> >> I'm not convinced that having to remember different package manager
> >> names is a significant problem for new people adopting a Linux
> >> distribution. The name is a very small part of the
> >> differences between
> >> the package managers (they have very different
> >> behaviour models, not
> >> just names), and the package managers are a small part of all the
> >> differences between distributions.
> >
> > Many developers don't provide their software via a repository instead
> > they provide the source code with an INSTALL file. They depend on
> > dependencies they resolve through the repositories. Approving "nimue"
> > just as symlink that points to the package management system across
> > linux systems would enable them to write just one install script for
> > debian and red hat systems for example.
> No, that already stops working when package are named differently which
> is frequently the case.  There is no readline-devel package in Debian
> and no libreadline-dev in Red Had or Gentoo.
> [...]

Additionally to what Ansgar already said, we already have had
PackageKit for ages. Just use the `pkcon` tool to trigger package
installations in a distribution-agnostic way - if you know the names
of the packages you want to install for each distribution, of course.
(for applications and very few software components, AppStream can jump
in as a distro-agnostic way to install software via `appstreamcli
install <component-id>`.


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