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Re: package management symlink

Sören Reinecke writes:
>> I'm not convinced that having to remember different package manager
>> names is a significant problem for new people adopting a Linux
>> distribution. The name is a very small part of the
>> differences between 
>> the package managers (they have very different
>> behaviour models, not 
>> just names), and the package managers are a small part of all the 
>> differences between distributions.
> Many developers don't provide their software via a repository instead
> they provide the source code with an INSTALL file. They depend on
> dependencies they resolve through the repositories. Approving "nimue"
> just as symlink that points to the package management system across
> linux systems would enable them to write just one install script for
> debian and red hat systems for example.

No, that already stops working when package are named differently which
is frequently the case.  There is no readline-devel package in Debian
and no libreadline-dev in Red Had or Gentoo.

Also what you suggest already exists, for example in the form of
"pacapt" (but there are alternatives too!).  What is the benefit of
adding yet another version of these scripts?