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Re: Switch to DEP-14-ish with an existing "debian" branch

Hi Peter,

Peter Pentchev wrote on 04/02/2019:
> So these days I decided that DEP-14[1] actually seems to be a Good
> Thing(tm) and I started thinking about switching my packages' Git
> repositories to this layout.  However, I immediately hit a snag:
> in some of my repositories the upstream branch is named "master" and
> the Debian packaging branch is named "debian".  Due to a (somewhat
> understandable, even though a leaky abstraction) limitation of Git,
> I cannot create a "debian/master" branch if there already is a "debian"
> branch in the repository.

I normally name the Debian development branch according to the suite
name, so most of the time I'll name the branch "debian/sid". This layout
is documented in DEP14.

> I'm thinking of prefixing the new branches with, say, "pkg/"

Not a good idea: this defies one of the main goals of DEP14, which is to
have consistent and predictable branch names.