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Re: Is multiple-layers of alternatives a good thing to users?

On Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 06:07:55AM +0000, Mo Zhou wrote:

> My updated version, all variants are co-installable now:
>  Package: libblis2-openmp,  Provides: libblas.so.3, libblis.so.2
>  Package: libblis2-pthread, Provides: libblas.so.3, libblis.so.2
>  Package: libblis2-serial,  Provides: libblas.so.3, libblis.so.2
>  Package: libblis2 (meta),
>  Package: python3-numpy,    Depends: libblas.so.3
> The meta package is still necessary because of symbols/shlibdeps.
> Different threading variants have the same ABI/API, so the
> dependency template is written as
>  libblis.so.2 libblis2 #MINVER#

If the ABI and API are the same for all variants, a much better
solutions seems to me to have a single libblis2 that can switch at
runtime between the different variants, perhaps using an environment
variable to decide. That would require some support from upstream

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