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Re: [MBF] Moving mountnfs.sh script to runlevel 2

[2019-01-13 16:47] Ansgar <ansgar@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Dmitry Bogatov writes:
> > [...]
> > I ask corresponding maintainers (list at bottom of email) to either
> >  * move their scripts to runlevel (2 3 4 5) [preferred]
> >  * remove dependency on $remote_fs, if all they need is /usr
> >  * replace with dependency on `mountall', if they need 
> >    one of (/run /dev/shm /tmp)
> What will happen on systems where users changed the configuration files
> and these changes are not applied automatically?

If I correctly understand your question, answer is:

If users (admins) changed scripts in /etc/init.d/*, then on upgrade they
will be proposed to merge changes, since initscripts are conffiles.

Given feedback, I apologize, that I did not mentioned in inital email,
that I do /not/ intend/hope to resolve this issue before buster release.
I just follow mass-bug-filling procedure.

PS. Please keep me in CC, I am not subscribed to debian-devel@.

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