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Re: Qt with GLES on arm64 maintainer's decision - Was:: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

> Here I agree with Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton’s opinion [1].
> I think we should aim to provide the best possible experience with the free
> software ecosystem. The experience with proprietary drivers should be the
> second priority, if priority at all.

AFAIU by building Qt with GLES we'd still be able to make use of mesa as it
provides both GL and GLES capabilities, while also allowing Qt to make use
of blobs if a user so chooses.

> > By choosing to build Qt with GLES on ARM64, we make Debian a more
> > attractive platform for vendors who'd like to target ARM64 boards.
> We should make it attractive for vendors to release their code under
> a free software (DFSG) license. That way anyone would be able to hack on it
> and add missing support for a different OpenGL variant, if needed.
> That said, as Lisandro announced, we will be happy to make any decision
> if there is either a consensus or a TC decision about it.


Rohan Garg