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Re: Bug#913766: ITP: librsvg-c -- the pre-Rust version of librsvg

Am 15.11.2018 um 00:15 schrieb Jeremy Bicha:
> On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 5:22 PM John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

>>> I don't have experience with archive management for non-release
>>> architectures at all.
>> The problem that we have is that it's not possible to upload a package
>> to Debian which does not build any binaries on the release architectures,
>> the archive would be removed from the archive immediately.

Is that really true?
Fwiw, the consolekit package, before it was removed completely, was
!linux-any, ie. it was only built for non-release architectures.

Why not just upload librsvg-c as regular any package.
Once it has passed NEW, I would make a second, source-only upload which
lists only the non-rust architectures and I'd ask ftp-masters for the
removal of the binaries on the rust architectures.


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