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Re: RFC: yet another list of data duplicated: public-suffix.txt


On 31/10/2018 10:07, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> It seems that public-suffix.txt from mozilla fundation is embeded in a
> few package.
> The Public Suffix List is a catalog of certain Internet domain names.
> The term is also known by the form effective top-level domain (eTLD).
> The Mozilla Foundation maintains suffix list for the security and
> privacy policies of its Firefox web browser, though it is available
> for other uses under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).
> This list is therefore security sensitive.
> I suppose the way to go is to create a data package and get a MBF
> after getting a consensus here.
> Any volontuers for the packaging ?

It's already packaged:

Do you have a list of packages which need fixing? Can you add a lintian
check for this?


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