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Re: Use case for -dbg package

On 31.10.18 02:01, Joseph Herlant wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was reviewing Tobias' updates on the use of dbg packages vs dbgsym
> in dev ref and was wondering if there was any other know use cases
> where we cannot use dbgsym over dbg packages for building debugging
> symbols.
> As far as I remember the Python extensions where the ones that were
> not working well with dbgsym (I don't remember why), but I'm wondering
> if there are any other known cases where the dbgsym packages cannot be
> used.

The python3-*-dbg package contain not only the debug symbols for the extension
built for the normal interpreter, but also the (unstripped) extensions for the
debug interpreter.

There are also some library packages which ship pretty printer files (-gdb.py)
in the shared library package or the -dbg package.  Some maintainers now modify
the dbgsym packages to include these files into the dbgsym package.