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Re: Confusing our users - who is supporting LTS?

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 04:31:38PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 01:14:13AM +0000, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > Debian can't afford to pay developers in general, and previous
> > proposals to pay specific developers were not well received.
> That was over a decade ago. The circumstances at the time were also
> different.

I'm not sure that so much has changed. I really like that LTS is managed
outside Debian, precisely because money is involved.

So I'm very happy that Raphael is 'the benevolent dictator of LTS' *and*
that LTS is designed not to rely on Freexian.


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