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Re: New tool for salsa

Hi Xavier,

thanks for doing this, it looks awesome :).

Would it make sense to split this into a Gitlab part and a Salsa only part? There are already a number of Gitlab tools (even in Debian) and commands like search_user sound rather generic, so maybe it would make sense to add them to those tools instead (I haven't checked if they provide similar commands already).

* Xavier <yadd@xxxxxxxxxx> [2018-10-28 11:44]:
A point must be decided: for now it is called simply "salsa". Like
"bts", it's a bit generic but nice, short and clear; but it can be used
to manage any GitLab instance.

+1 for salsa.

Speaking of it, I'm still looking for a hub like tool for Gitlab, most of the time I only need hub fork and hub pull-request. Is there a tool in Debian with this functions for Gitlab?

(If you don't spit the salsa tool as proposed above, this would be a nice addition. That's why I ask here.)

Cheers Jochen

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