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salsa.debian.org: merge requests and such

Hi all,

how is the new Salsa collaborative concept supposed to work with the "old"
workflow in Debian?

Means: it seems to me, that with Salsa there is a second parallel world is
getting evolved (in parallel to the old world: BTS, mailinglists ...), 
containing things like patches in form of merge requests, which do not interact 
well with the old world (BTS, mailinglists).
It looks to me, that many merge requests are lying around on Salsa, but the
responsible package maintainers / teams are not aware of them.

As far as I see it for installer team for example, the debian-boot mailinglist
does not get a mail forwarded, when a installer repo gets a merge request.
Isn't that the way, how it should work?
Comparing Salsa with the BTS, it should work that way IMO.
When writing comments on those merge requests, who gets those messages?
I had the impression that the responsible people are not getting involved.

Or similar seems to be the case for debian-doc, too...

Maybe I'm completely wrong here, or it's just these few packages/teams, where 
this is not optimal?

How is this all set up, how is it supposed to work?


Holger Wansing <hwansing@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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