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Re: Confusing our users - who is supporting LTS?

On 2018-10-26 13:02:57, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo wrote:
>> > 5) Is that not true anymore with Extended LTS and CIP?
>> Sorry, what is not true? #4? If so, I think people should *still*
>> install the latest supported Debian release (stable or stretch right
>> now) and not LTS or ELTS, when deploying new systems.
> Yeah, not true that Stretch would have a latest term support compared to
> any earlier release. So, if one needs something that lasts 12 years,
> should one be picking up Stretch, Jessie or Wheezy?

"12 years" ... it depends when you start counting. Do you count from the
release date of the software? Or "now"? Because if you want 12 years
support, jessie, even less so wheezy is not going to help you.

>From that perspective, you might stand a better chance of installing
*unstable* or *buster* right now if you want the longer support schedule
from *right now* because then you'll get the buster release cycle (three
years, starting from late 2019 if not 2020), then LTS (two years) and
maybe even an extra ELTS (a year or more) slapped on top, which will
bring you somewhere somewhere close to 2027. That's 9 years from now, a
far cry from your 12 years objective, but it's pretty much the best shot
we have.

12-year support cycle is the crazy stuff they do at Solaris, or at least
did. Since Oracle bought it, they bumped that up to *twenty* years:


We're still far away from that goal. And keep in mind the Solaris that
is supported there is a very limited operating system when compared with
the scope of packages supported in Debian...


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