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Re: Mass bugfiling potential: bundled implementation of md5

Jonas Smedegaard writes ("Re: Mass bugfiling potential: bundled implementation of md5"):
> Quoting Bas Couwenberg (2018-10-25 09:44:20)
> > I suggest to postpone the MBF until libmd-dev (>= 1.0.1) is available in 
> > stable (i.e. after the buster release).
> How is this any different from any other change of linking, which may 
> require backporting also of libraries?  I would assume such backport to 
> then simply need backporting of libmd5.

Because there is very little benefit to this change.  It tidies things
up a bit.  But unless we actually expect to have to update the md5
implementation somehow, there is little practical purpose.

Loosening transitions like this generally makes life easier for users
and downstreams.  And our own official backports repo is only one of
our downstreams.


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